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At the initiative of the Togolese Republic and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
(UNECA), the Cyber Security Summit brings together heads of state and government, private sector
and civil society leaders to engage in high-level dialogue with a view to finding cooperation and
coordination solutions to respond to urgent cyber security challenges and issues.
It will also provide an opportunity to:
● Explore and assess the state of cyber security in Africa in terms of its five strategic pillars: legal,
technical, organizational, capacity-building and cooperation;
● Assess the state of cyber security cooperation at the regional and global levels and the
commitment to the African Union Convention (Malabo Convention) on cyber security and of
personal data protection;
● Put forth policy recommendations to be reviewed by African heads of state and government to
create a cyber security system that meets the needs of the continent’s digital transformation
and complies with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the
African Union’s Agenda 2063.
● Present the Togolese public-private partnership model on cyber security and synergy between
the Security Operation Centre and Computer Emergency Response Team, as well as propose
concrete solutions for operational collaboration.