Ideal attendee profile:

Security Analyst, CISO, Security Specialist, Security Engineer, Security Manager

Course Objectives:

OPSEC workshop covers wide range of the following operational security topics:

  1. unknowingly generated excessive data as a side effect of using certain technologies;
  2. defining computer-related risks to the security of organization;
  3. techniques to evade threat actors;
  4. secure operations on potentially malicious files;
  5. hiding operations by using proxies (TOR, VPN);
  6. e-mail headers analysis – capability of spoofing and verifying the sender;
  7. domain spoofing and phishing techniques;
  8. encryption of drives, attachments, and communication;
  9. securely erasing the data;
  10. real-life examples of missed OPSEC implementations.

Workshop comprises lectures and exercises held in English. It aims to raise staff awareness, develop operational planning skills, deepen knowledge about commonly used tools and acquire practical skills.

Duration: 2 day(s)

Training language:

English, French

Maximum participants: 8