Ideal attendee profile:

Security Analyst, CISO, Security Specialist, Security Engineer

Course Objectives:

The training consists of two modules: theoretical and practical. Its main goal is to teach listeners practical OSINT skills on real-life examples.

Course content Summary:

Introduction to OSINT

  • This part will provide listeners with a gentle introduction to the topic of OSINT. We will define Open Source Intelligence and its place in the modern world.
  • The question of OSINT process automation will also be addressed.


1. Initial Information Gathering: IP addresses, Domain Names

  • Tools: host, whois, theHarvester, SecurityTrails,

2. Google Dorking and web archives

  • Tools:,, DNS Trails

3. Social Media analysis

  • Finding information about phone number with TrueCaller
  • Social Media profiles analysis

4. Geolocation and image metadata

  •  Reverse image search, images metadata exfiltration
  • Tools: BeerApp, FlightRadar

5. Cryptocurrencies

  • Tracking BTC/ETH transactions

Duration: 1 day(s)

Training language:

English, French

Maximum participants: 8